Many thanks from Padayon!

I know this is very late, but I’ll go on anyway. So, here it goes.

First of all, I want to express my gratitude for all those who have taken time in visiting, reading and giving comments in my blog. For you, who ┬áloved, commended, hated, criticized, and enjoyed visiting my blog, thank you very much. I never would have made it to the Top 20 if it weren’t for you, guys. I know, cliche much; but, I am truly thankful.

As I mentioned in my very first blog entry, Padayon is a blog account I created as a requirement for one of my class last sem. Now, that that sem has ended, this blog will no longer be a requirement in a class project; however, I decided to keep it, still. Personally, maintaining this “formal blog” taught me things I would have never learned if I just continued on exploring the personal side of blogging. As much as this project gave me, actually the whole class, a hard time, I am still grateful for the experience.

I am now maintaining another blog account, a personal one: Unlike this one, the entries there are anything under the sun. I admit that I am more at ease putting my thoughts into words in that blog, well primarily because it isn’t graded at all. But I have to give credit to this experience, because I now learned to be more sensible in what I write there. Yes, there are still “emo contents”, but they are no longer the same entries I made from my previous blogs.

I decided to keep this blog, yes; but, for the meantime, Padayon will be put into rest. I will “re-open” this blog when I am ready and is already a part of the corporate world, or any career for that matter. I will still be heard online through the personal blog that I have mentioned. I hope to see you guys there, too. Again, thank you very much for the time.

As my blog goes… Padayon!


I am, more or less, four months away from graduation (keeping my fingers crossed). I am already very excited.

a glimpse


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Kudos Orcom

One of the many things I am proud of as an Orcom student is that our program allows us to go in to different career paths such as HR, PR, Advertising and many more. One of my personal favorites among the many jobs we can land on after we graduate is on Events Organizing and Productions. I even took events as my field of work during my OJT. It’s one of those jobs that is for me both stressing and fun at the same time. As one of our professors told us, it’s okay that your job is stressing and toxic, at least you’re having fun. I agree.


Last October 9 and 10, the UP Manila Orcom students once again proved themselves by being able to organize and pull-off two major events in our program, one of which even catered not only to Orcom and UP Manila Students, but targeted a wider audience as well. Read the rest of this entry »

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Kaya Natin ‘to, Silver Batch


Orcom Batch 2006, Class of 2010

lord give us strength

grant us the serenity

to accept the things that we cannot change

courage to change that things that we can

and the wisdom to know the difference

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Two-way Street

During one of our sessions in our OC 152 Class, our professor invited a speaker who talked about the use of online tools for Viral Marketing. Mr. Gian Paolo Pangan, the invited guest, is currently the Strategy Manager of Yehey Philippines Corporation, which most of us is most likely already familiar with. Sir Paolo started his talk that morning with a video and a discussion on Internet, wherein he pointed out that:

  • Internet gave way for shifts or changes to happen
  • Internet has become an essential touch point
  • With internet, finite contact points evolved to infinite contact points

As he went on further with his discussion on online Marketing, one of the important things he stressed out is that gone were the days when consumers were just plain consumers. People today are more aware of what they want and how they want it. More importantly, they themselves have become “Prosumers” = consumers + producers. Read the rest of this entry »

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Reading “Irish”


Another project for my advertisement class. This time we were asked to make the book cover for our would-be-self-authored book (if ever we decided to make one). I entitled my book “Confessions of a Smitten Soul”, which was the same name I have been using for all my personal accounts.

At first, I though it would be easy for me to come up with a book cover. I have already read a lot of books, so inspirations wouldn’t be that hard. That was what I thought. Later on, I found myself asking this main question, “how will I make sure that my book would sell?” Read the rest of this entry »

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Trouble, now Double

vabIt has almost been a week ago since Typhoon Ondoy struck Metro Manila. Everyone didn’t expect the damage it caused. A lot of people, mostly students and employees, were stranded. There were those who were a little lucky to be on their respective offices and universities during the flood, and then there were those who were more unfortunate as they first-handedly watched the water rose on the street. But saying that they were unfortunate is actually an understatement. While they were watching the flood, some people in other places of Metro Manila were already on the battle to save their lives. Indeed, Ondoy made himself a spot on the list of Philippine Calamities that took a lot of souls and properties. A lot of people haven’t completely recovered yet from the damages it made, yet another typhoon, Pepeng–a stronger typhoon–is causing terror to the country once more.

The effects of these calamities are greatly felt all over the Philippines. Everyone has their eyes on what happened and what will happen. The presence of Ondoy and Pepeng are everywhere, affecting every state–physical, emotional, mental, and even the cyber world.

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Say it online

A Press Release is one of the major tools for a company’s publicity. It lets the people know what the company is all about, what are the latest happenings within the company, the services and the products the company offers and it lets them reach their stakeholders. Making their presence known to the public, especially to their stakeholders, allows them to maintain loyalty and relationship, and can give the stakeholders a sense of security by being well-informed. The more the public are well-informed, the more the company’s services and products are recognized. With this, it is important to make sure that companies use the right form of medium for their press release. Read the rest of this entry »

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