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One of the many things I am proud of as an Orcom student is that our program allows us to go in to different career paths such as HR, PR, Advertising and many more. One of my personal favorites among the many jobs we can land on after we graduate is on Events Organizing and Productions. I even took events as my field of work during my OJT. It’s one of those jobs that is for me both stressing and fun at the same time. As one of our professors told us, it’s okay that your job is stressing and toxic, at least you’re having fun. I agree.


Last October 9 and 10, the UP Manila Orcom students once again proved themselves by being able to organize and pull-off two major events in our program, one of which even catered not only to Orcom and UP Manila Students, but targeted a wider audience as well.

October 9, Cirque. The UP Manila AdHere, an advertising organization in UP Manila and dominated by, if not all, mostly Orcom students, joined a contest set by Events Incorporated of QTV a few months ago. The main objective of the contest is to pitch an event that your org will organize, and wherein the winning team will be sponsored by Events Incorporated. UP Manila AdHere, along with other schools, joined this contest. The officers of AdHere, specifically, spearheaded the pitch that will represent UP Manila. It was a stressing experience and required a lot of effort on their side; yet in the end, all the hard works paid off. UP Manila’s Cirque was chosen as the best event pitched that day.


It didn’t end there, however. The real works started after UP Manila was chosen. I was among those who experienced the hassle of organizing this event. We have to look for sponsors, booths, talents, and other materials that will be needed. Being part of the Productions Team, I was assigned to work on the day of the event itself. Part of our job is to talk to the clients and to our sponsors, over-see the over-all setup of the venue, organize and make sure the program will run smoothly; plus, the fact that it will be aired in television by GMA’s QTV made the pressure rise even more. At first, we were actually worried that no one will come because of the recent Ondoy disaster. By the end of the day, however, the number of guests even exceeded our projected number. There were some flaws during the event, I must say; but, in general, I think it was a very good event. And a very good job for all of us Orcom Students who were mostly first-timers in organizing a major production.

October 10, Orcom Silver: Homecoming Event. Organizational Communication celebrated its 25th Anniversary last October 10 at the Angelo King International Hotel. Orcom Alumni coming from different batches, professors, faculties, and the current student of the Orcom Program shared this night of festivity. The event wouldn’t be possible, of course, without the works and efforts of the Orcom Silver Batch (that’s us) lead by Sir Burn and Madame Mikee. The event itself was even postponed twice due to the bad weather (again); but, was pushed through in the end. This time, I worked behind the scene. I was part of the Sponsorship Committee. Our job, of course, is to look for sponsors and raise the fund that will support the budget of the event. It was not really easy. We have to negotiate to potential sponsors and make sure that both sides will benefit equally. In the long run, though, we were still able to raise the needed budget for the event. The Orcom Silver Anniversary was another successful event.


Two weeks before the Alumni Homecoming, another event was also organized by the Orcom Students for the Silver Anniversary. This time, the juniors were to be given the credit. An Orcom Conference on the subject, Shifting Paradigms was coordinated by the junior students, together with Professor Adeva and Madame Inton, last September 26. The event highlighted Orcom Alumni as guest speakers, wherein they talked about their personal work experience after they graduated from Orcom.

The two events mentioned above are more than enough pieces of evidence showcasing the talents and skills of Orcom students. More than their skill in organizing productions and events, it also showed how during tasks like this, Orcom students were all aware and were able to apply the concept of work collaboration, which is one the learning’s we can get from the program.

To the Orcom Students; to the Silver Batch; and, the whole Orcom Community, Congratulations to us all!

UP Manila AdHere's Productions Team (earlier before the event)

UP Manila AdHere's Productions Team (earlier before the event)

The happy faces of the Orcom Silver Batch

The happy faces of the Orcom Silver Batch


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  1. 1

    jayr said,

    PR is where all the money is, so I suggest you trek your career path there. PR firms are also in need of a lot of good PR personnel especially government bureaus. Banks and financing firms also need your caliber of press releases… Lastly the tourism department is already loosing ideas on how to attract foreign visitors to visit our typhoon torn country, so they definitely need a lot of support from you guys…

  2. 2

    Arven said,

    ORCOM is really tiring. But it’s also really fun.
    There is no better course for me but ORCOM.
    I know, its the same for you:)

  3. 4

    Silver people for the win! Graduating will surely feel great, having these pics to remind us of the greatness of our learnings.

  4. 5

    Noreen dela Cruz said,

    aww it hurts to think that pictures like these will only be captured until next sem. but i really truly believe that this batch is the greatest!we’re so bonded, prolly cause of all the things we’ve gone through together (acads,parties,terror profs..o.O)

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