How will you die?


My mom freaked out big time when she saw me making this picture. “Anu ba yan, para kang mamamatay na!”. “Exactly!”, I told her with a grin.

The photo above is just a part of the project I previously worked on for my Advertising Class. We were asked to make our own obituaries. Imagine plotting your own death, kinda weird huh? On a less bizarre context, however, I actually enjoyed doing the project. Not that I liked the idea of being dead (knocks 3x), it was the introspecting part of the project that I enjoyed. Β It made me think of the things I wanted to accomplish before I, well, “crossover the light”. It made me ask, who’s going to be there when that happened? Will I still have the same set of friend ’til the end? Will I live a happy and satisfied life? Will I be missed? I know, it’s already getting cheesier; so, I’ll stop there.


A day before I made this project, I was watching Final Destinations 4, and I actually thought

of having one of those deaths, just so I can have an exteme story to tell for my obituary (haha). In the end, I chose to have a disappearing act exactly the way it happened to Amelia Earhart. I know it was a bit surreal, but it really is part of my dream to ride my own plane someday. I had pictures when I was a kid wearing a pilot suit with my dad (he works as an aircraft engineer). So going back, I ended my obituary with the image of roses showering from the sky on the day of my memorial service. I also described death not really the end, but another beginning.

I admit that I am really not yet ready to go, not until I’ve achived all my dreams, but it made me think that I am not really scared of it, maybe I just hated the idea of leaving the people I love behind. Most imporantly, on this project, it made me appreciate life even more.

“An awareness of death encourages us to live more intensely” ~ Dr. Igor, Veronica Decides to Die (Paulo Coelho)


I know, how random of me to have this post.;b Oh and by the way, I recommend the book I quoted, really good read. πŸ™‚


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  1. 1

    lloyd said,

    galing karapat dapat kang iclap clap..

  2. 3

    Angel Santos said,

    “Write your own obituary” is actually included in my Writing Exercises List (which I have not started accomplishing yet). Haha! Ayos to! πŸ™‚

  3. 5

    lapiskamay said,

    nice one irish.
    I made a deal with Him that if i die soon, He should exchange my life with wonderful and healthy years for my love ones. I think thats fair.

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