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Kudos Orcom

One of the many things I am proud of as an Orcom student is that our program allows us to go in to different career paths such as HR, PR, Advertising and many more. One of my personal favorites among the many jobs we can land on after we graduate is on Events Organizing and Productions. I even took events as my field of work during my OJT. It’s one of those jobs that is for me both stressing and fun at the same time. As one of our professors told us, it’s okay that your job is stressing and toxic, at least you’re having fun. I agree.


Last October 9 and 10, the UP Manila Orcom students once again proved themselves by being able to organize and pull-off two major events in our program, one of which even catered not only to Orcom and UP Manila Students, but targeted a wider audience as well. Read the rest of this entry »


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