A Fly Story

By the time our professor introduced to us the basics and advantages of making your own Wikipedia site, I already have a rough idea on how it would work and, yes, the convenience it brings to its users. I have already seen the same experience of Mass collaboration and passing of messages online via Wikipedia on a different medium, however. The same set of primary features of Wikipedia is just the same as the one I tried to use before. I’m talking about the humble PADFLY.

What is it?

Padfly just like Wikipedia also allows its user to make their own account or page, edit on other people’s page, which are also availabe for public consumption. It has the face similar to your notepad and easy-to-see buttons, which makes using and creating padfly pages so much easier and less complicated, everyone can do it. Read the rest of this entry »


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My Wiki. Your Wiki. Our Wiki.

Companies are now recognizing the importance of Mass Collaboration, both internally and externally. They are now aware of the power of working together, along with the convenience of doing it even without the presence of those working on the project. And one of the tools that is now being acknowledged by these companies is Wikipedia. Wikipedia, for most of us, is our ever-reliable source of information that we usually use to answer our queries and for some, to back up their research. Most Academicians, though, discouraged the use of it because other readers, who may not be really credible, have the ability to edit it. This is where we take Wikipedia.

blogWikipedia users are aware of its features that allow you to edit, input and save its content. People do this to add new ideas on already existing articles that can be found on Wikipedia sites. What most people probably aren’t very much aware of is its feature that actually allows you to create your own Wikipedia site. This is the side of Wikipedia that companies should focus their attention on. Companies can save themselves from those toxic meetings, heavy papers for memos and other reports, and the likes by creating their own Wikipedia Sites. They can just easily setup a page, tell their employees about it, so that employees may, then, start using them.

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How will you die?


My mom freaked out big time when she saw me making this picture. “Anu ba yan, para kang mamamatay na!”. “Exactly!”, I told her with a grin.

The photo above is just a part of the project I previously worked on for my Advertising Class. We were asked to make our own obituaries. Imagine plotting your own death, kinda weird huh? On a less bizarre context, however, I actually enjoyed doing the project. Not that I liked the idea of being dead (knocks 3x), it was the introspecting part of the project that I enjoyed.  It made me think of the things I wanted to accomplish before I, well, “crossover the light”. It made me ask, who’s going to be there when that happened? Will I still have the same set of friend ’til the end? Will I live a happy and satisfied life? Will I be missed? I know, it’s already getting cheesier; so, I’ll stop there. Read the rest of this entry »

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Company X is now following you

Debates and Argumentation, by far, is one of the subjects, which I am really enjoying a lot (excluding the heavy readings). For the past weeks, I have witnessed my classmates argued their way out to survive Burn’s adjudication. It is not so scary after all as what we thought it would be at first. We were all just having fun saying hear-hear’s and shame-shame’s, and cheering at each other’s silliness when we’re all out of words to say.

Two of the motions we had dwelled on from the past weeks were on the issues of whether smokers should not be accepted by companies and whether the license of doctors with moral issues should be terminated. Two different motions with a common denominator, and that is the question of should one’s personal lifestyle meddle with one’s professional life. I would not further on with how the debate turned out. Instead, I will be taking the recent question on another context: New Social Media. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Better Writer

I keep on staring on my computer for hours now, but nothing would come out. I tried to write a sentence or two, but I keep on erasing them in the end.

writeI kept staring on my computer for hours now, but nothing would come out. I tried to write a sentence or two about the subject I’m working on, but I keep on erasing them in the end.

Back in high school, it’s just so easy for me to write. It’s just so easy for me to put my thoughts into words. Well, relatively easier as compared to right now–college. I used to write for my school paper, producing at least 3 articles in 2 weeks; and proud to say, I always try and do meet my quota. I knew during those times that I would be venturing in a course that would require me such skill. And I did. UP Manila’s Orcom opened its door for me to fulfill that dream. But it was never really easy. The works always expect an extra effort, returned papers are not always free of bloody-red marks and scratches, and blank screens became more intimidating.There were times when frustration would just eat me up. But I choose not to give up. I will not stop writing, making mistakes, and learning from them. Even if I did improve my writing, I will still go on.

“I want to be a better writer today than I was yesterday, and a better writer tomorrow than I was today” – John Sweeney

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Talk like a Kid

Ever had that instance wherein you struggle to find the right words, that you end up failing on delivering your message? I did. I know most of us did. Sometimes when we want to express ourselves, we need to remember that simple words and and simple thoughts will do. We need to remeber how it feels like to be a kid again: they never over think, and they never make things complicated. So, when you find yourself lost in thoughts, remember that we can always talk like a kid. 🙂

Viral video created by:

Irish Mangubat

Ayessa Parayno

Ange Fernandez

Cielo Remorin

Tahmee Ruiz

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To Say or Not to Say

Finally, this video was already way overdue from the time our group created it. 😀

Our video blog, The HIstory of Communication, tells a story on how communication developed through time, as manifested with the different media used by our character. Our group decided to package our video by means of telling a story, which revolved on the different ways our [torpe] guy can say “hi” to the girl of his interest.

Will he be able to say it? Watch the video and find out for yourself. 🙂

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