Kaya Natin ‘to, Silver Batch


Orcom Batch 2006, Class of 2010

lord give us strength

grant us the serenity

to accept the things that we cannot change

courage to change that things that we can

and the wisdom to know the difference


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  1. 1

    jorron monroy said,

    Strength is never achieved without the people you are being strong for. Silver2010, batch 06 | class of 2010. Incomparable.

    • 2

      irishprecious said,

      Incomparable, indeed. You, kapatid, of all people right now should hold on to this “hope”. Kaya pa yan. 🙂 Silver batch will make it. As Lilo and Stitch would always say, “Ohana, nobody gets left behind!”.

  2. 3

    arvinrazon said,

    Irish! Anong context nito? Thesis. Haha.

  3. 5

    Dominique Anne said,

    Galeng! I love this pic! and our batch of course!

  4. 6

    Ace Acosta said,

    There is no doubt we can make it..naku tayo pa!and I just believe that God will really help us in all things, we just need to pray!oha!

    nice one rish!

  5. 7

    irishprecious said,

    @ nikki: silver batch is love.

    @ ace: agree. sipag plus prayer always help.

  6. 8

    barrycade said,

    batch love. like it!

    here’s one thought i like you to remember,too: busy does not always mean productivity. 🙂 many people do so many things but the outcome are insignificant, so choose carefully the things you’ll devote your time and resources to.

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