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Two-way Street

During one of our sessions in our OC 152 Class, our professor invited a speaker who talked about the use of online tools for Viral Marketing. Mr. Gian Paolo Pangan, the invited guest, is currently the Strategy Manager of Yehey Philippines Corporation, which most of us is most likely already familiar with. Sir Paolo started his talk that morning with a video and a discussion on Internet, wherein he pointed out that:

  • Internet gave way for shifts or changes to happen
  • Internet has become an essential touch point
  • With internet, finite contact points evolved to infinite contact points

As he went on further with his discussion on online Marketing, one of the important things he stressed out is that gone were the days when consumers were just plain consumers. People today are more aware of what they want and how they want it. More importantly, they themselves have become “Prosumers” = consumers + producers. Read the rest of this entry »


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Speech Power

I just finished reading the first chapter of Christopher Locke’s Cluetrain Manifesto, Internet Apocalypso. It was quite a handful of readings, but still a good read, though. The 45-page chapter centered on how Internet penetrated its way in everybody’s life. Everything got hooked by its power, from the macro-organizations, up to the smallest households. It tackled a lot of issues and subjects, some of which I already find too much to absorb. One matter, though, that really struck me the most is the implications of the rise of Internet with our communication today. Read the rest of this entry »

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Confessions of an OC Student

…I confess.

I know it’s quite weird to start my entry that way. I just had this urge not to break my personal tradition when blogging. The initial blog entry should be always something about the blog (blog title, banner, etc.), and the next entry is a confession; and, the rest will be anything under the sun. The confession may be anything from a mortal sin to a vice. As for this entry, I would be confessing on a habit. A very hard habit to break. Read the rest of this entry »

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