Trouble, now Double

vabIt has almost been a week ago since Typhoon Ondoy struck Metro Manila. Everyone didn’t expect the damage it caused. A lot of people, mostly students and employees, were stranded. There were those who were a little lucky to be on their respective offices and universities during the flood, and then there were those who were more unfortunate as they first-handedly watched the water rose on the street. But saying that they were unfortunate is actually an understatement. While they were watching the flood, some people in other places of Metro Manila were already on the battle to save their lives. Indeed, Ondoy made himself a spot on the list of Philippine Calamities that took a lot of souls and properties. A lot of people haven’t completely recovered yet from the damages it made, yet another typhoon, Pepeng–a stronger typhoon–is causing terror to the country once more.

The effects of these calamities are greatly felt all over the Philippines. Everyone has their eyes on what happened and what will happen. The presence of Ondoy and Pepeng are everywhere, affecting every state–physical, emotional, mental, and even the cyber world.

Social Media Disaster

While a lot of people are still on the state of recovery, the online world is also making its own noise and tragedy. As an online person myself, I have been a witness to some of these saddening events.

It’s sad enough that people everywhere in the country are suffering because of Ondoy and Pepeng. Loved ones that were lost and properties that were ruined are only to name a few of the causes for their pains. What’s even more depressing, though, is when people start to turn against each other on a time like this. It’s when people start being insensitive and harsh.

Soon after the calamity of Ondoy, Jacque Bermejo, a Filipina from Dubai stunned the online community with her alleged post on Facebook. And Facebook being the top and fastest social networking site now in the country, this post, “buti n lng am hir in dubai! maybe so many sinners bak der! so yeah deserving wat hapend!”, didn’t miss the attention of a lot of Filipinos. Hate comments, blogs, sites and what have you were soon posted everywhere. It was a very tragic sight, not just the scandalous post but the comments directed to her as well.Jacque-Bermejo-Facebook-Comment-Scandal

Just recently, this Filipina OFW finally made her statement on an inclusive interview with ABS-CBN regarding the scandal. She claimed to be innocent and not the owner of the Facebook account. She adds up with a statement that there was indeed a person who is hacking or faking her accounts, and that she already made a complaint about it some months ago to the Dubai Police. Some were convinced, some gave her the benefits of the doubt, some even defended her; but, even with this effort to revive her reputation, there were still a lot of people who remained firm on their stand against her. Innocent or guilty, she is now nicknamed online, the “dumbest pinay”.

Just like how Pepeng followed Ondoy, another malicious post online, few days after the issue of Jacque came out, also followed. This time, the foul content was shouted by a foreigner with another powerful online medium–Twitter. Ugly Yubin, Korean-based, angered the Pinoy Online Community with her post, which is not only insensitive to the victims of Ondoy, but was also an act of racism.


Like the previous case, blogs and other sites were soon posted online discussing Ugly Yubin. Whether she was real or not, it’s not a matter of time before the Twitter Admin canceled the said account.

World Peace ‘yo

I’m not posting this blog to add up to those already numerous hate-sites. Instead, I hope for the people to realize and be aware that tragedies, like the deaths and damages, can also happen online. These are not issues considered as an entertainment or a source of ridicule as some may see it; rather, it was actually another disaster to be considered. And that during times like this, it’s not very healthy for the people to start hating each other. Lastly, there are already too much tragic sights around that are already not bearable. Let’s not further the situation anymore.


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  1. 1

    commandgetme said,

    There was a time when it was too depressing to watch the news because of what Ondoy did. But, every time I would open my fb, plurk and twitter messages about generosity, care and volunteerism floods the statuses. Everything became lighter.

    The benefits of these sites helped us to connect and reach out. Sadly, there were people who became devilish because of their rude remarks about this tragedy. I just hope they realize what they said because there’s a principle called Sowing and reaping. 🙂

    • 2

      irishprecious said,

      yeah. it’s a wonder how some people are so insensitive at times like this. right now, im let’s just pray that Pepeng will not hit land.

  2. 3

    ye said,

    about the tweet from ‘YU BIN’. She is kinda an antifan (daw) of wonder girls (nobody nobody but you clap clap clap clap ;p). She is posing as Yu Bin of WG and tweeting bad stuff i guess so people will hate the real Yu Bin. Just a piece of info. i don’t really know about this ( i don’t even know that she was supposed to be a WG) untill two of my friends got into an argument, one being a fan of WG tried to explained this to us in a not so nice tone (is tone applicable if it all happened in facebook? whatever.) oh well, a rose by any other name will still smell as sweet or for this case rotten. ;p

    misyah rish! 🙂

    • 4

      irishprecious said,

      really? i have no idea about that. i’m not into WG kasi, except that i just know their song (point clap clap point), who doesn’t ba?;b anyway, who ever’s behind the post (the real Yubin or not), that person definitely has some attitude problem. First, for using Yubin (that is, if it’s true); second, for posting nasty stuff online..

      tnx kaye for dropping by.:D i misya, too!

  3. 5

    ye said,


    ang creepy nung smiley, parang nang aasar lang. hahaha! 🙂

  4. 7

    Alps said,

    I read a Tweet from someone I already forgot: “Let’s not focus on these things that are not really the issue after all. Let’s go out and help our fellow Filipinos instead”. True enough, but man, The Nerve!!

  5. 8

    . said,

    ‘UglyYubin’ is NOT Korean!!

    Hello, I’m a Korean.
    I must say to filipino.
    I think that twitter author is NOT Korean, Anti-Korean Japanese.
    ‘Kim Yubin’ is famous Korean singer.

    if he/she is really Korean, why he hate Korean, and named as “ugly”?

    he/she is NOT a Korean, he/she is a Japanese who pretend to Korean.
    Remeber, Internet is anonymous world, anybody pretend to any nationality.

    Obviously, twitter author is NOT Korean, author is a Japanese who pretend to ugly Korean, and who want spread anti korea sentiment to world.

    We love filipino. So, don’t fall dirty Japanese trap.

    All people. Most of the nastiest posters are Japanese pretending to be various different nationalities. Remember that. Japanese are the worse scums of the earth. We hate their guts too.

    Think about it.

    According to common sense,
    if you are filipino, you want filipino singer name as “ugly”?

    if you are filipino, you want post “ugly” image of filipino singer?

    if you are filipino, you want post “i am a filipino, I want xxxx country person are die” write racist and dirty comment to other foreigner?

    All of This made by Anti-Korea Japanese troll.

    And, Korean don’t have ANY single antagonism to filipino.
    Why Korean write such comments? Any reason? Absolutely Nothing.

    Only Japanese racist troll who pretend to Korean, want made this trouble.

    I’m a Korean, if he/she is a real Korean, We 100% apology to filipino.

    But, I really really think that author is NOT Korean. Most Korean don’t act like that.

    This is made by Anti-Korea Japanese racist troll who pretend to Korean.

    We love filipino.

    Remeber, Internet is anonymous world, anybody pretend to any nationality.


    YuBin Kim impostor on twitter also known as UglyYubin called Filipino Monkeys as she posted in the Fake Twitter account.


    We”re hoping for your quick recovery from ○○.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
    You should fight this misfortune with everything you’ve got.

    Please take good care of yourself.

    I’m really sure your country will rise like a phoenix from the ashes.
    We will be praying for a speedy and complete recovery for your country. May God bless each of you!

    we Korean were very sorry to hear sad news of the flood disaster of Philippines.
    We extend our deepest sympathies to you for your terrible loss.
    we hope that the Philippines are restored from the damage of the flood soon.

    Truth of incident

    1. Japanese pretend to Korean, and write hateful comments.
    2. Innocent filipino angry by this.
    3. I must solve this missunderstanding.

    I can pretend to Japanese also.


    Anybody can pretend to Korean.

    1. Copy and paste from Korean website.
    2. Using Google Translator
    3. or, learned korean language.

    It is very easy way to blame korean, pretend to Korean, and insult any foreign people.
    Seriously, There is NO reason that Korean hate filipino.

    I think He/She is a Anti-Korea Japanese troll who pretend to Korean.

    And, This is the reason that why I think UglyYubin is a japanese who pretend to Korean.
    Only Japanese said filipino as “Monkey”.
    I will show you how Japanese think about filipino.

    Source : Japanese largest website 2ch.
    (Note : ‘猿’ refer to ‘Monkey’)

    #1. From Japanese website

    【 フィリピンメス猿を嫌いな理由・原因 】
    Reasons that why i Hate filipino. wriiten by Japanese

    #2. ● 自宅マンションやアパートにフィリピンメス猿ホステス群がいて、
    They are dirty, we Japanese can’t live with Filipino
    We ignored filipino monkey hostes. lol

    #3.● 近所に集団で住んでたフィリピン猿が、灯油を入れるポリ容器を
    (「灯油クレ!」の意味だってよw さすがは乞食猿www)
    Negihbor filipino monkey said polyethylene jar is a kerosene oil. and he gift it to me.
    filipinos are really beggar monkey. lol

    #4. ● 中学校の時の英会話補助教員のフィリピンメス猿から
    When i was middle school studnet, filipino teacher said i am a yellow monkey.

    #5. ● 夫・父親がフィリピンメス猿ホステスに貢いで家庭崩壊した
    Many Japanese Father have sexual relationship with Filipino female monkey hostess.

    #6. ● 空港のセキュリティーチェックでフィリピンメス猿ホステス群が
    Filipino monkey harrassed japanese at a convenience store.

    #7. ● コンビニのレジでフィリピンメス猿ホステスが店員や客に迷惑をかけていた
    Filipino monkey are dumb and don’t know how can pass at enterance at airport.

    #8. ● 在日ピン猿が産み落としたガキ共が、小学生の子供のクラスを学級崩壊させた
    Filipino residence in Japan disrupting Japanese elementary school studnets. (cause english teacher?)

    #9. ● 会社のフィリピン猿群が態度デカイし、一日中騒がしくて、
    When Filipino monkey break a promise, monkey never says “sorry”.

    #10. ● 職場(飲食店)に精神異常のフィリピンメス猿とその日本人夫が来たが、
    In my working place, Filipino monkey’s husband make a disturbance our working place.

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