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A Press Release is one of the major tools for a company’s publicity. It lets the people know what the company is all about, what are the latest happenings within the company, the services and the products the company offers and it lets them reach their stakeholders. Making their presence known to the public, especially to their stakeholders, allows them to maintain loyalty and relationship, and can give the stakeholders a sense of security by being well-informed. The more the public are well-informed, the more the company’s services and products are recognized. With this, it is important to make sure that companies use the right form of medium for their press release.

Before, the trend is to draft a press release about, for example, a new product of the company. Next is to send this press release to major publishers or editorials, and wait and pray that the press release is good enough to be worthy of a space on their paper. Companies, then, monitor the success by checking out every newspaper, every morning, to see if the press release was published, what part of the paper it was published, and the contents of the press release (take in mind that journalists usually edit press releases that were sent to them). As you may think, this is a very tedious, and not to mention, boring job. Unfortunately, as much as this kind of PR technique should be categorized, “so yesterday”, some companies do still resort to this medium for their press release.

The web is a good place where companies can make their presence known. A New Social Media Press Release can be one of their keys. Companies may realize, once they started using this medium, that it is actually better relative to the traditional way of sending out press releases.

  • Most people now go online more than they read the paper. When one wants to know something about a certain product, the usual routine that most people do now is to check on the information available on the web. Most people rely on the credibility of online sources. It is easier and the results can give the readers specific answers, and the exact information they usually want to find. Now, when this happens, a company would want their product to be there, where people can easily search for it.
  • Journalists search the web for news. Even journalists now have developed the idea of searching the web for potential subjects to work on for their article. Again, when this happens, press releases online are, most probably, one the top targets a journalist would look for.
  • NSM press release can save the company time. They can forget the usual way of sending out press release to each and every publisher, then monitoring the newspaper for results. They can easily accommodate this need through an online media press release. Plus they can be sure that their press releases wouldn’t “get lost” along the way by being able to view and monitor them online.
  • It can reach a wider audience. Like mentioned earlier, most people prefer to go online now for news than scan the paper. An online press release can make sure that everyone who goes online can search for it and would be able to see it. Unlike the traditional press release, the first ones who would be able to see it are the publishers alone; and if by an unfortunate chance, they didn’t publish it on their paper, the press release won’t be able to reach potential readers. Now, with a press release online, everyone can easily view it even before it gets featured in an article.
  • The results are tangible and immediate. The usual way of monitoring press releases is through newspaper clipping. A company can save their time on scanning every paper with an online press release. They can monitor it through the number of times it was visited, if people are talking about it, which they can easily know through online also, and if there are responses to their post, since companies can have a space on their online press release where the readers to leave their comments.
  • NSM press release can accommodate more information. Unlike in the old press release, companies and publishers usually shorten the content of press releases before they publish it in the paper. Not everything that a company may want to say will be read by the stakeholders. With a social media press release, they can input more information than what a usual press release usually has. An added feature is they can also put in pictures, embed videos, and post links of important and related topics. They can also make their press releases more attractive, interactive, and organize it in a way that readers would want to stop and read the content, and would come back for more.


  • NSM press release allows the company to have a real time update. Unlike the traditional press release, companies have to wait for their news to be published. A new social media press release lets the company post their news on the exact date they want it to be published, plus they have the opportunity to update its content and can immediately answer responses from the readers.

Here’s a sample of a New Social Media Press Release. The link below also gives helpful tips on making press releaeses.


New Social Media Press Release (source)


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  1. 1

    Journalists and journalism are now shifting from the traditional media to NSM. Logically, a shift from Press Releases to Social Media Releases must also be the case! 🙂

  2. 2

    irishprecious said,

    agree. they are now seeing the benefits and convenience NSM can give them.. 🙂

  3. 3

    Dominique Anne said,

    Through NSM, a company can save a lot of money too. Imagine spending thousands over a press release that no one (or not more than the actual pesos spent) will read. hehe! such a waste. And I think your last point “NSM press release allows the company to have a real time update” is one of the most important things the NSM can offer that traditional media can’t.

  4. 5

    barrycade said,

    i hope companies can read this. this is a good reminder that PR is not just about press releases, and that there’s more to communicating with stakeholders than traditional press.

    • 6

      irishprecious said,

      companies, even those that are already well-established, still have some more things to learn when dealing with their PR tools and techniques.

  5. 7

    Polprav said,

    Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

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