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Debates and Argumentation, by far, is one of the subjects, which I am really enjoying a lot (excluding the heavy readings). For the past weeks, I have witnessed my classmates argued their way out to survive Burn’s adjudication. It is not so scary after all as what we thought it would be at first. We were all just having fun saying hear-hear’s and shame-shame’s, and cheering at each other’s silliness when we’re all out of words to say.

Two of the motions we had dwelled on from the past weeks were on the issues of whether smokers should not be accepted by companies and whether the license of doctors with moral issues should be terminated. Two different motions with a common denominator, and that is the question of should one’s personal lifestyle meddle with one’s professional life. I would not further on with how the debate turned out. Instead, I will be taking the recent question on another context: New Social Media.

We discussed previously that employers are now using New Social Media to check on their applicants and employeesCareerbuilder, furthermore, verified this with the report on companies’ use of New Social Media. According to careerbuilder, these are the mostly used tools by companies:

  • Facebook: 29%
  • LinkedIn: 26%
  • MySpace:  21%
  • Blogs: 11%
  • Twitter: 7%

So, what does the information above has to do with the previous question? It is, again, the question of whether employers should base their judgment on the personal lifestyle of their candidates. We all know that people created these accounts for their personal use. They would be posting pictures, sharing information about them, and would simply be themselves on these accounts.

If we were to bring this motion to a debate, say to our own Debates and Argumentation class, I can imagine the opposing sides would probably present the following cases:

Government Side

  • Companies have the choice to carefully and thoroughly screen the candidates that they would be hiring through all possible ways.
  • Not all needed information about the candidate is always present on their resumes and during interviews.
  • New social Media let the employers get “in-touch” with the personal side (behavior, social skills) of the candidates.

Opposition Side

  • Companies should base their qualifications from their candidate’s educational background, skills, and capabilities.
  • The professional lifestyle of the candidates should not be associated with their personal lifestyle.
  • It is not ethical for companies to dig in the private life of their candidates or employees.

If you ask me, I honestly agree to some arguments of both sides, but the point here is that it is really happening now.Employers are really using the NSM as an extension of their HR. So, if we want to secure our career, here are some of the things we can do:

  • You can post your achievements and works online (similar to a portfolio), like your photos if you’re an artist.
  • Never disclose really private information online.
  • You can have the option to set the privacy settings of some of your personal accounts like your blogs.
  • Avoid name-dropping online (like the name of your boss or co-workers).
  • Give a conscious effort to clean your account (remove stuff that you think are inappropriate, which you should probably do even if your employers wouldn’t be checking on it)


  • Be careful on what you say online, after all it is still for everyone to see


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