Talk like a Kid

Ever had that instance wherein you struggle to find the right words, that you end up failing on delivering your message? I did. I know most of us did. Sometimes when we want to express ourselves, we need to remember that simple words and and simple thoughts will do. We need to remeber how it feels like to be a kid again: they never over think, and they never make things complicated. So, when you find yourself lost in thoughts, remember that we can always talk like a kid. 🙂

Viral video created by:

Irish Mangubat

Ayessa Parayno

Ange Fernandez

Cielo Remorin

Tahmee Ruiz


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  1. 1

    JOhn Peter Magugat said,

    nice info. very helpful.

  2. 3

    Dominique Anne said,

    Agree. Some words and thoughts are best said in simple ways.

  3. 5

    rubi anne said,

    cool video irish.., gling2.. aun nga lng bagal mag-upload kainis hehe Ü

  4. 7

    aLps said,

    Daryl’s cute! And Nikki’s voice is so juvenile! Haha!

    See ours too! 😀

  5. 9

    terence said,

    typo error=Ever had that instance wherein you struggle to find the rights words,

    i think it’s ‘right’ instead of ‘rights’. sorry, i just noticed the moment i have read it..

  6. 11

    ryan said,

    interesting.simple and effective.

  7. 13

    Ace Acosta said,

    daryl daryl!!nikki ur not good!

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