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One of the many things I always enjoy about being an Orcom student is the out-of-the-room learning experiences we get from our subjects. As I always state in the letters we send, whenever we set for an appointment, here in UP Manila, we believe that it is important for students to apply what they learn inside the room; thus, an outside learning experience will surely do the job. In other courses, I am aware of the different field works they do. Immersion for some Devstud or Areastud Majors, Clinical Duty for the Nursing and Inter-Med Students; and as for us Orcom, we usually do our “field works” in different companies, or with different personalities through interviews.

Every experience is different from one interview to another. I was able to get up-close with different personalities, who are experts and well-respected in their chosen field (Filipina Mom Blogger, Dante Jimenez, PETA Director), and get a look at inside some of the big companies in the Philippines (Nestle, Chevron, BSP). And by the end of the day, we always go home with fresh knowledge and new insights on different subjects.

Maybe you were thinking, what makes us different from the other courses that also do interviews as part of their job. Those who are probably more experienced, and even more equipped for interviews and field works like that. Well, I’m proud to say that we Orcom Majors don’t just interview for the sake of reporting the facts. After we have gathered the information, we don’t stop at summarizing and narrating them. No matter how well-constructed the flow and the structures are, it still doesn’t work that way. We go for the more in-depth reporting. We answer the question, “so what?”

  • We analyze the implications of our findings more than just knowing the status quo.
  • We ask ourselves why and how this company’s communication strategy was successful more than stating the statistics.
  • We try to verify our data with other sources more than basing it from one case alone.

More than that, and most importantly,

We present an added value to our data.

  • What more can we suggest or recommend to the current situation to make it more effective?
  • What insights can we share to the company that will benefit them?
  • What specific strategies can we offer to the organization that they can apply in their current set-up?

All through our course, we always try to bear those questions in mind whenever we would do a report or an interview. The facts, statistics are important, but more than that, they are actually just treated as supporting data to what we really want to achieve in the end. Failing to do so, in our part being Orcom Students, as what was said to us, is a disappointment. And I can never agree more to that statement.

My last case documentation reporting was not very satisfactory, sadly. Still, by the end of the day, I re-learned that important lesson once more on being a real Orcom Student. It made me appreciate even more the value of my course, BA OrCom.


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  1. 1

    barrycade said,

    one of your best posts so far. if only for the insights in this post, i can give you your diploma if i had the power 🙂

    i hope you look back to this post every now and then after your graduation.

    • 2

      irishprecious said,

      and yours is one of my best comments so far.;b tnx tnx

      will surely look back, and will always remember my orcom learnings 🙂

  2. 3

    aLps said,

    Interviews may be very tiring to conduct but the learnings you can extract from them are really rewarding! Proud OC student here!

  3. 5

    Dominique Anne said,

    I am always proud that we, OrCom students, have already interviewed VIP’s and have gone to different big companies. We can make fab but substantial PowerPoint presentations and can make interviewees agree for an appointment even without a faculty’s signature! hahaha!

    • 6

      irishprecious said,

      on faculty’s signature. did u know that one of our professors got, not really mad, but something to that effect coz one group didn’t let him sign a letter. we should be careful on that one na.. 😀

  4. 7

    renism said,

    haha naks kinilig ka sa comment ni sir barry no?? ^^, i agree rish i love this post. it states exactly what sets orcom apart.and it also makes me proud to be orcom. ^^,

    • 8

      irishprecious said,

      ou giliw na giliw ako sa comment ni sir barry.haha and ya, definitely, we should be proud to have this edge. 😀

  5. 9

    jorron monroy said,

    just so to complete the roster of people you are expecting to appear in this section of your blog site.

    agree, with everything.

  6. 11

    Kuya Orly said,

    hummm… pagbabago what happend to our goverment promises i still see thares no changes… i have to work overseas just to give enough dough for my family so they gan eat and live and the goverment tells us were the bagong bayani but they dont have a single idea how hard is live here in abroad…

    • 12

      irishprecious said,

      hey kuya orly, tnx for the comment. i think you misplaced your comment,though, it should be on my previous entry. anyway, i agree with you on some points, which is why youths like me also hope for change to happen.:)

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