A Sad Story

My first close-to-real job interview was a failure…

I’m not sure why I started this entry with a negative statement, but that’s what came into my mind first, so be it.

…I can even still remember the date, February 25, 2009. It was one of those days that will be forever marked on my most-hated-days calendar (if ever I’ll have one). Allow me to go back to that date. I promise to keep this story short.

The first company I tried to apply for my OJT was a Broadcasting Company. During that time they were looking for Intern Students that will be part of their production team, which will be assigned to work under this Documentary TV Program, whose host also happened to be the boss of the team. So moving forward, I came in to the place I was asked to go to, all dressed-up. When I got to the actual room, I was surprised to find the place on a not-so-working-type environment; other than that, the boss was just on his/her casual gym attire, as I recall it. I ignored it, anyway, and decided to focus, instead, on the questions. I was able to pull-off the first few questions, as these were just basic information about my course, and other matters like that. The questions on the nature of the job and the show itself, then, came next. I have to admit that on that part of the interview, I lost my guard. I even came to the point where I fabricated my answer, when I was asked about something I really didn’t know and not capable of doing. I know, shame on me. To make it short (an attempt to save myself from the embarrassing details), I didn’t get the job. The boss said I don’t have the passion for it, and that it seems that I was only there just so I can fill-in my 200 hours. I was disappointed at first, even remembered holding back a tear; but in the end, I realized that maybe the boss was right. I was really only there because I was desperate to end my OJT hunt. I was never meant for the job. I didn’t deserve the position. I don’t have the equipments in me to get to that job.

Lesson learned: Find a job that you know you will be able to use your skills and talents the most (at least, from my experience).

On the interview part: Never, as in NEVER, fabricate information. Believe me, they will know you did, and it will not go well on your records. Good thing, at least, I had that experience during my OJT interview and not on a real job interview. The succeeding interviews I had, after that traumatizing event, all went well. I learned so much from my first job interview. I didn’t need to patch-up stories just so I can make myself acceptable. I have my own skills, and I know better now where to use them to maximize my full potentials. I have my whole college experience to back me up when the time comes for my first major job interview. And this time, I’ll make sure I’ll wear my Orcom Hat, and ace that interview.

ojt days

This shot was taken during one of our breaks with my co-interns: Leah, Alps, Ana. It’s like I never really left UP Manila with them around..haha


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  1. 1

    barrycade said,

    glad you realized the downside to inventing stories during interview. bad for you, bad for the company. just downright wrong.

    limited experience is a limitation only if you choose to make it the destination, rather than make it a starting point. 🙂

  2. 2

    Alps said,

    Haha, I can just remember your frustration during that time!

    We had the notion of “kuha lang ng kuha ng interviews” before. Well, that was actually impractical or even wrong.

    …well, I had my own share of difficulties. 😉

  3. 3

    Alps said,

    On a different note, I look thin pa here!

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