Same old brand new you

My mom hates it whenever she would caught me staying up late in front my Owel (laptop’s name); likewise, I also hate it whenever she would start to nag me constantly about my online habit. Especially when she would start with her very classic line, “bakit noon naman kaming magkakapatid…”, and would end her speech with the line, “iba na talaga gusto nyu ngayon”. Those lines never fail to irritate me. I know, for sure, that there are also a lot of people my age who share the same sentiment with me. Parents would always try to compare how they were to how we are right now. They say that our preferences of activities are all different now. I know most of the time, at least for my mom, she would refer to my online social habits.

For me, however, there aren’t so much of a difference on our choice of hobby from theirs. The avenue may have just changed, in this case it became more digital, but our idea of fun or socializing are pretty much the same. New social media may have changed the interface of our activities, but I say the same idea still exists.

These are some of the things that I noticed stayed the same as before even with the new social media around.

That’s so yesterday. I remember how most of us, especially girls, would want to be always on the look out of what’s the latest trends in clothings and styles. From yesterday’s bell-bottom pants to today’s skinny jeans, and from what I heard, skinny jeans might just reach its expiration anytime soon. Just like how our moms would wear goofy big hairstyles before, then would switch to curl locks the following month. That’s how we try to become part of a group, to know what’s in, or ang makiuso. That kind of mentality is also present in the realms of the new social media. There are also trends online. One community online can also reach a point when it is no longer “the place to be”. Just like how my friends would react whenever I try to update my friendster or Multiply account. They say Friendster is dead, and Facebook is in. I wouldn’t be surprise if by the following year or so, another type of new social media would crawl its way to the online world.

Are you one of us? One of the few things I hate in being part of a barkada is peer pressure and conformity. When everyone is doing it, I should do it, too. When I’m the only one who’s not drinking, that’s the time I feel the urge to also take a bottle. When they are smoking, I try to consider doing it as well. We don’t want to be left out for most of the time. We want to feel that we belong. Everyone who went through the age of adolescence experienced this kind of treatment from their own barkadas. The same event, just like on an actual set-up, is also experienced online. We also want to feel that we belong online. In fact, among my barkada, I am one of the last people to create a Facebook account. I never would have really wanted to, only all my barkadas have their own; so I created mine. I even know some people who really don’t have a life online, but own several accounts, just so they can still stay part of their group.

The who is this. One of my professors said, “life is so boring that we have to live other people’s life, without the consequences”. In short, we love it when we talk and update ourselves on the latest “chika” about a certain person. When someone catches our interest, whether because we think their adorable or probably we hate their existence, we usually try to get the juicy details about that person. We ask around for their activities, we dig for their secrets, or worse, we stalk their daily routines. With the new social media today, stalking and eavesdropping have never been so exciting and easy. People can just google a name and click on the matches that would appear. When I want to know the in’s and out’s of a person, I usually go straight online to check on them. It’s easier and I also remain hidden behind my accounts.


So see, our kinds of activities today and the one’s before are never really different. We still like to talk about the same stuff, we still like to do the same activities, only now, the new social media gave us a different and more interesting plane to do them. I never try to argue with my mom about this, though. I would do so if I want to hear her say, “yan ang hirap sa inyo ngayon, feeling nyo masyado kayong madaming alam”; well, I prefer not to.


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    barrycade said,

    ahh, i can sense a mother wanting some quality bonding time with daughter here. πŸ˜€ you see, there’s really nothing wrong with immersing ourselves in new social media. what would be wrong is doing so at the expense of real, face-to-face relationships, like some conversation with your mom. but i’m no family relationship guru so i will stop now. πŸ˜‰

    agree with you that many of us still use new social media for the sake of using it; just to be part of the ‘in’ crowd. and we can’t say they are wrong or right. that’s probably how it works for them.

    • 2

      irishprecious said,

      haha don’t worry, sir, i really don’t mind talking to my mom. i just really hate it when she constantly nags me.:D

      and like you, sir, i dont have anything against those people who uses the new social media just because. i am also sometimes guilty of being one. πŸ™‚

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