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I just finished reading the first chapter of Christopher Locke’s Cluetrain Manifesto, Internet Apocalypso. It was quite a handful of readings, but still a good read, though. The 45-page chapter centered on how Internet penetrated its way in everybody’s life. Everything got hooked by its power, from the macro-organizations, up to the smallest households. It tackled a lot of issues and subjects, some of which I already find too much to absorb. One matter, though, that really struck me the most is the implications of the rise of Internet with our communication today.

Communication and Internet, I think, are subjects that, for an obvious reason, would attract my attention the most. Those are subjects, which I am supposed to be well-familiar with. I am part of that generation that make up the most number of percentage that consumes its uses. Our college batch, in fact, was once called the “New Media Batch”.

All through out the time, while I was reading the article, I was also mentally noting on the communication issues I find interesting. I came up with three: 1) More people are engaged in media consumption and production; 2) People are all prone to information overload; and 3) People’s critical mind may be compromised.

People today I noticed, especially my generation, are more actively participating online. Their time are mostly eaten with producing, processing and sending information through the Internet. It’s not that hard to miss the manifestations of such claim. Just hours ago, I found myself accepting comments and invitations from different people online. Minutes ago, I even had the time to answer an e-mail from my dad. It made me think how grave, and probably scary, the power of Internet is. If Internet is a human figure, he/she would have easily made us bend to our knees and made us succumb to its power. As I mentioned in my previous blog, Internet has a lot to offer, and we are all ready to take a chance on it. We are so exposed and hooked to it that even a one-year old kid already owns an account. It’s amazing how people, not to mention us Filipinos, are always so updated on the latest communication and media trends on the Internet.

Well, I actually don’t blame anyone with this kind of behavior. I, myself, is guilty of it. For the very simple reason that Internet has been made into an information superhighway, wherein all of us want to take a ride on it. It’s faster and hassle-free.

And because people are actively engaged on media production, information overload happens a lot. Everyday, people send out information and messages online. Hundreds of blogs are generated and thousands of articles are posted. Even I, right now, is about to be one of those producers. I feel overwhelmed even as I dwell upon the thought. I don’t even think so that everything posted online will be readily consumed by the people. There’s just too many stuff online with so little time for us. Even as we sleep, more and more sites will still continue to generate. Internet as we know it today will continue to expand; and we, the Internet consumers, will make that happen.

As Internet continues to expand, important data and information will be, as well, easily accessible to the people. Internet, undeniably, has become a good source of information–very convenient. The problem with this, though, aside from the information overload mentioned above, most people are not aware of the negative effect this convenience brought to them.

We find information and answers almost very easily with the use of Internet. But these information, though, are not enough for us to say that we are knowledgeable and wise. I find it disappointing that most people just take in what the information online feeds them. They are like sponges that just absorb everything without even filtering the information. I should know, I am sometimes guilty of the same crime. The power of Internet made some of us into passive audience, who just enjoy the convenience of the readily information Internet can give us; thus, the depths of our mind are put into a compromise.

The birth of Internet, indeed, made a great impact in every people’s way of living, especially when sharing and exchanging information. It may have improved the quality of some of our life’s aspect; but at the same time, it has its downsides too. The thing with Internet, though, is that it is not just another buzz word. Internet is here to stay and will continue to evolve shaping the life of every human. It is just up to us to take control over its effect and resist the power of it. We created Internet, after all.

Speech one freed, is a powerful drug

~ Christopher Locke

*if you want a copy of the chapter, visit this site. 🙂 Internet Apocalypso


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  1. 1

    aLps said,

    I am also guilty of internet addiction. One of the things that made me realize is that “addiction is okay” given that you use that addiction to benefit something or someone (including yourself).

    Now, give me some more drugs!

    • 2

      irishprecious said,

      i never imagined an addiction being okay.haha but yes, it’s still up to us, we still have the control whether to use it or abuse it.

  2. 3

    the delinquent kid said,

    I don’t actually know how the hell you knew the number of pages there is in chapter 1.

    Anyways, I support your point on these statements: “We find information and answers almost very easily with the use of Internet. But these information, though, are not enough for us to say that we are knowledgeable and wise. I find it disappointing that most people just take in what the information online feeds them.” I know of people who relies heavily on internet feeds. Though it really is a very convenient way to solicit information, data over the internet is somewhat clattered. People nowadays find relief in doing “copy-paste” from the internet without actually being critical about the content. To some people, the Internet, being part of new social media, has much credibility. The Internet is there to give us a broader view of the world, so broad that you have to be skeptic.

    • 4

      the delinquent kid said,

      Yan ang comment ng puyat, rish. HAHA.

      • 5

        irishprecious said,

        haha. impressive, you make more sense when you don’t get enough sleep.;b sana lagi kang puyat, kapatid! haha

    • 6

      irishprecious said,

      I know. Internet gave us the convenience of gathering information. But really, it is still up to us to filter and judge the content of the information we get from it. It’s just so sad that more and more people now are becoming dependent on internet, too dependent.

  3. 9

    ace acosta said,

    wuhooo!we must really control the effect of the internet and resist its power becauseif we don’t..patay na!haha!

    • 10

      irishprecious said,

      the first thing that i noticed was the ecstasy behind the comment.haha

      internet, with its power on information, can influence us all. not unless, of course, we learn how to be critical with what we are getting from it.

  4. 11

    barrycade said,

    “We find information and answers almost very easily with the use of Internet. But these information, though, are not enough for us to say that we are knowledgeable and wise. I find it disappointing that most people just take in what the information online feeds them.”

    i like this statement, too, because it highlights the false sense of wisdom some people think they have by being avid new media consumers or co-creators. it also highlights that fact that even with a highly participative comm channel, some people remain passive consumers.

    putting headings for your paragraphs will help make this more reader-friendly, including putting key words/phrases in bold.

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