It keeps getting better

I’m still feeling a bit drowsy from my lack of sleep last night. I was up until past midnight working on a reflection paper that we’re supposed to post online. I know, online assignments. Nothing new there anymore. Almost all the friends I know coming from different schools are now also doing online stuff for their acads. Schooling never got better with the existence of new media tools.

Just this morning, one of our classmates told us that Sir Barry sent her a message saying Chris Locke, the author of Internet Apocalypso, the book we used for our reflection paper, sent him a message and told our professor that he discovered some of my classmate’s write-ups online. We were all very surprised; partly because, we immediately thought of what Chris Locke will think of what we did. More than that, I was also thinking how very fast the information got to him. We were even trying to come up with a theory whether Chris Locke is one of those guys who google his name everyday. How vain, we thought; but, that’s just us laughing among ourselves. We’re all aware, of course, that with the kind of media we have right now, everything is possible.

Another case. Also this morning, same class, our professor told us how she managed to get a copy of a book or a journal abroad, I’m not so sure anymore, which she needed for her research–straight from the author herself via e-mail. And again, we were all amazed. Cool. She told us that since she can’t secure a copy from anywhere, she decided to go straight to the author. Fortunately for our professor, the author was kind enough to send her a copy of what she needed.

Indeed, no boundaries are too great anymore with the existence of these new media. International authors from abroad keeping in touch with their readers, even sending them copies of their works, and students sending their works online. Nice.


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  1. 1

    barrycade said,

    and in the olden times, this would not have been possible. author and reader are isolated, detached from one another. today, author and reader are connected–they hear each other out.

  2. 3

    arvinrazon said,

    You just called Christopher Locke vain in an entry he would read! Lagot ka! HAHAA

  3. 5

    popthethoughtbubble said,

    Is this all we could get from that class? Laugh and be amazed? How frustrating. HAHA!

  4. 7

    aLps said,

    I hope that the convenience of thinking a thesis topic is an convenient as the convenience of talking to people abroad!!!

    Oh well, thinking a thesis topic is not convenient anyway. :/

    • 8

      irishprecious said,

      well. here’s a complaint coming from a boy who has his thesis topic already, complete with a title, cared of…;b hahaha

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