Confessions of an OC Student

…I confess.

I know it’s quite weird to start my entry that way. I just had this urge not to break my personal tradition when blogging. The initial blog entry should be always something about the blog (blog title, banner, etc.), and the next entry is a confession; and, the rest will be anything under the sun. The confession may be anything from a mortal sin to a vice. As for this entry, I would be confessing on a habit. A very hard habit to break.

I am pretty confident that I am not the only one guilty of this habit. Everyone from my generation shares the same addiction–internet and new social media. Honestly, I can never imagine myself without the use of these kind of media. It has always been a routine for me, from the moment I wake up, to the very last hour before i turn in to bed. Social media take on a significant amount of my daily activities; even more than my actual social life with my friends. Actually, I like to think that it has taken the form of my social interaction. These social media provided a new avenue for me and my friends to meet and greet, and update on each other’s life. It’s faster, easier and more convenient. More than that, internet has a lot to offer on the online market, and I am one of those consumers who can never be satisfied. I keep coming back for more.

And I know with the advent of more technologies and media, my addiction will never cease to increase. This is my addiction. A very hard habit to break. I don’t want to live without it.


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  1. 1

    renism said,

    it’s ok to be hooked on the internet.just as long as we keep learning and continue being productive.(weh?i finally found an excuse to tell my mother.haha)

    • 2

      irishprecious said,

      …and as long as we’re being critical on the information we get from the internet.. (my mom doesn’t mind me na staying up all night on front of my pc, she thinks im being productive haha)

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