The Launching

Finally! After days of hiding, is ready for public viewing.

First things first, about this blog.

Padayon was not actually what I first had in mind. I initially thought of naming my blog, “Confessions of an Orcom Student”, just so it would be consistent with my other accounts (Confessions of a Smitten Soul). It’s a bit melodramatic for a formal blog account, I thought; so, I had it changed to its current name.

Padayon is a Cebuano term, which means “to continue” (patuloy). The first time I encountered it was when Raymond Marasigan (lead vocals, Sandwich) used it for one of their songs–Betamax. Later on, I learned, through my dad, what it means. I appreciate what the song is trying to say–that everything changes, everything evolves, from the simple way of living to what we have right now. Life tells us the same thing. Nothing is permanent. We change, and so we need to move on.

I thought of Padayon as the perfect title for my blog. It’s so representative of me (madrama :b), at the same time, it still dwells on the primary matter of this blog–communication and media. Communication and media, as what “padayon” says, also continue to move on with time; but, i prefer not to discuss that part in this entry. I’m just giving you a background on how I came up with my title.

Lastly for this post, credits for those who helped and inspired me on setting up this account.

God. Never forget Him, for the everyday life I enjoy, and will still continue to enjoy. Padayon!

My parents. The primary reason why I’m still enjoying my God-given life.

Sir Barry. First, for being with us for the 3rd time (you really love our batch nuh?haha), and for giving us another opportunity to learn and explore new things with this project (now, I have to learn how to blog formally).

Jayem. My kitten, for helping me come up with my title and tag-lines. 🙂 (sorry, I didn’t use your bahay-kubo-palayan idea for the banner. It was still a nice idea, though, and I still love it. haha) And for the unending support. 🙂

Lloyd. Bez, for helping me arrange the “elements” of my banner (depths of field FTW ).

Alps. For the wordpress tutorial.

Jorron. I thought of including you, just so for commenting on my banner (“parang pang.indie film. Ploning”)


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    Joanna Macris said,

    Linked you! 🙂

    hopeless romantic-ism is not allowed here, alright? 😀

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